Why Closeloop?

Be in the Loop

Allow your employees to report problems in real-time on the fly.

Easy Reporting

Report problems without downloading yet another app. A text or QR code activates your Closeloop reporting center.

You're the Expert

Completely customize Closeloop according to your needs. Manage the process by choosing your own icons, questions, ratings, and types of notifications (email vs. mobile).

Reporting and Trend Analysis

Your Closeloop profile generates reports, so you can visualize and analyze trends. Increase your operational efficiencies and reduce costs all while keeping your employees satisfied.

Everything in the Cloud

Because Closeloop platform is a SaaS solution, implementation is fast and easy, and you don't need any IT maintenance or upgrades!

How it works?

Closeloop has Three Components


Mobile Webapp-your Closeloop launch screen is what your employees will see and how they will communicate with you. A mobile webapp means they do not have to download any app. A text message or a QR code scan will activate the launch screen.


Mobile App-your Closeloop app is how you will receive instant push notifications on your smartphone when an issue is reported.


Backend website-your Closeloop profile is where you manage and track all notifications



How do I set up my Closeloop account?

  • Three Simple Steps
    • Step 1 - Create your Closeloop Profile.
    • Step 2 - Generate your Closeloop codes (QR or text codes).
    • Step 3 - Download the Closeloop app.
    • Provide fast, easy communication

Do my employees have to download an app?

  • Your employees do not have to download an app! Our platform activates
    by text message or QR code. We make it fast, easy, and simple for your employees to

How do I make changes?

  • You can manage the entire user experience from your Closeloop online profile.
    Change questions, icons, logos, you name it!

What if my industry isn't listed in the templates?

  • You can still set up your Closeloop account without an industry template.
    If you would like assistance, please contact info@closeloop.com.

Where do I get an instant notification?

  • You have three options for instant notifications:
    - smartphone/tablet,
    - email
    - online profile

    Feel free to pick and choose which types of notifications you'd prefer for different situations.

Can the same notification go to multiple people?

  • Yes. If you would like multiple people to know about a particular problem,
    the same real-time notification can go directly everyone involved.

What's the difference between the Closeloop mobile app and the Closeloop online profile?

  • Your mobile app keeps track of all notifications, so you can view alerts on the go.
    Similarly, your online profile maintains all notifications, but it's also where you customize
    your questions, icons, thank you messages, etc. as well as generate reports based on
    your notification data.

Is there something more I can do with my notification data?

  • Generate reports with your Closeloop profile to visualize trends and
    make strategic decisions.